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IAA's Accreditation for Schools

Is it accurate to say that you are a K-12 School offering a top-quality training and different advantages gone for encouraging understudies in their scholastic interests? On the off chance that yes, then you can enormously profit by IAA's International Accreditation for Schools. IAA School Accreditation is evidence that your school is focused on giving an instruction that fits in with global guidelines.

The organization has founded an exceptionally compelling framework through which it assesses Schools in view of worldwide instructive practices. To procure School accreditation status you should simply fill in an application form, submit approval archives and complete an on location visit of your school. When you get the accreditation, you will have the capacity to raise your School's standing and fame globally.

IAA gifts accreditation to all K-12 schools over the globe to guarantee guardians that they have settled on the perfect place to meet their kids’ learning and advancement needs. International School accreditation by IAA gives guardians complete satisfaction that they are appropriately putting resources into their kids' future, which will give them profits later on.

Schools that show a profound sense of duty regarding improving their instructive measures and giving energizing understudy driven offices can without much of a stretch get International Accrediting Authority's reputed accreditation.

An Elementary School offering formal education to children from first to eight years;
A primary school providing the initial compulsory education, pre-school/nursery education, and secondary education;
A secondary school - intermediate in level between elementary school and college/university;
A secondary school that offers general, technical, vocational, or college/university - preparatory curricula

Full Accreditation & Benefits of IAA Accreditation

As a fully accredited School, the School will be awarded IAA's accreditation that will ensure that your educational programs are on a par with the global standards. IAA's accreditation is the testament of the quality education you deliver and it enables you to enjoy a competitive edge over all regional and international universities.

IAA's Full Accreditation Certificate & Seal

Upon receiving Full Accreditation, the School will get a Full Accreditation Certificate & Seal that your School can use to promote on several mediums including your website, official documents, and marketing collaterals.

Continuous Improvement of your Educational Standards

IAA will send its recommendation reports at regular intervals to enhance your School’s educational practices and standards. Also, a dedicated accreditation consultant will be available to support you for your queries.

IAA's Accreditation Process

Wishing you a great year ahead in anticipated association with IAA !

We thank you for your interest shown in IAA Accreditation.

We would like to take you through the process step by step. Institutions which are interested to be accredited by IAA or would like to learn about accreditation can send their further questions to the International Affairs unit of IAA at

The IAA accreditation process has a total of four phases:

Request for Accreditation (RFA) phase or Application phase.

Candidacy phase

Accreditation phase

Reevaluation phase

The phases in detail:

Application Phase

The accreditation procedure begins by HPI mailing in an accreditation application and the specific appendices.

The IAA reviews the application in coordination with the Research Division in charge.

Following a successful review of the application, the assigned customer manager will inform Applicant Institution about the next steps.

In relation to the application a cost estimate and contract between IAA and the client is sent to the client for signature.

The evaluation of application and recommendation for candidacy will happen after scrutiny of documents within 7 working days.

Candidacy Phase

Accreditation Candidacy Award (Valid for a period of one year )

The organization is issued an Accreditation Candidacy Award only after they have shown a decent amount of adherence to the standards of IAA accreditation and moves into the next phase of Accreditation Momentum program.

The action points are listed to move from Candidacy to Momentum level in a period of not less than six months to apply for Momentum with the Action Taken Report

The organization is required to take action on identified issues to be given the Accreditation Momentum Award.

This Candidacy Award is given when the adherence to standards is between 50 to 60% of the IAA Accreditation Standards.

No award is given if the adherence level is below 50%.

On successful review of application , Applicant Institution has to pay a candidacy fee of $300 (a fee rebate of $100 is being offered to HPI for the candidacy fee if application made before 31st July 2017 ) at the current dollar rate

Once this fee is received a Review Officer will visit the campus and carry out the physical review as per the shared documents in the application in original . IAA will share a pre inspection brief to HPI to be better prepared and the parameters for evaluation under the Accreditation Momentum Award.

On successful review , Applicant Institution will be awarded " Candidate Status " which allows the use of IAA Accreditation Candidacy Award. The candidacy period is 12 months . Within the twelve months or earlier , Applicant Institution can show Readiness to undergo a full Accreditation Review . This will include a complete in depth review of the academic structure , approval and legal status , infrastructure , facilities , stakeholder feedback and other parameters .

Accreditation Phase

During the third phase of the accreditation procedure, IAA will assess the technical competence and management systems of Candidate Institution with a team of assessors. The experts will initially review the submitted documents, followed by a site visit on the agreed date. The scope and duration of the assessment will depend on the size of HPI and the complexity of the process.

The results are documented in an assessment report.

Variations noted in the report may be rectified by the client by implementing the relevant corrective measures within two months following the assessment date. They will then be subjected to another review and assessment.

In this phase, an accreditation committee evaluates the assessment results and decides on whether the accreditation should be granted.

IAA certifies the successful completion of the accreditation phase with an notification on accreditation the accreditation certificate. This means that IAA provides the inspected bodies with attestation that the audited assessment services conform to the relevant standards or laws - and hence attests the technical competence of these bodies.

This successful completion of Accreditation and remittance of the annual Accreditation Fee of $1500 for one year and $2500 for two years and so on depending on the tenure of accreditation ( The candidacy fee amount paid earlier will be adjusted in this Annual Accreditation Fee subject to successful completion of Accreditation Process) allows the use of IAA Accredited logo which will be provided by us and subject to adherence to the norms and conditions as applicable for the legal use of logo .

This Accreditation is valid for a period of 12 months or 24 months . The application for subsequent rounds has to be done three months before the expiry of the current Accreditation Status ..

Accreditation Momentum Award - The duration and fees of accreditation will be decided on the percentage adherence to standards.

Accredited with Exemplary Adherence to Standards of IAA Accreditation with Commendation.

The organization must make further improvements to achieve the Star Excellence Accreditation.

The adherence to standards have to range between 60 to 75% of IAA Accreditation Standards.

Star Excellence Accreditation - The duration and fees of accreditation will be decided on the percentage adherence to standards.

The organization must have a 76% or more adherence to the accreditation standards of IAA to achieve this status of Star Excellence Accreditation.

Accreditation Phase

During the last quarter of the Accreditation period a reevaluation request by HPI will lead to a visit and the reevaluation will be subject to the Accreditation fee then applicable . The current reevaluation fee schedule will be 75% of the Accreditation Fee at that point of time.

IAA reserves the right to change the Accreditation fee , processes of evaluation and Accreditation and Surveillance Visits for authentication whenever required.

All IAA fees are charged as per the current day US Dollar Rates.

Fee Schedules and Deadlines

Sr.No. Application Deadline Fee Inspection Report
1. Candidacy Round the year $300 Online Document Within 7 days of receipt of
2. Accreditation 6 months from Candidacy $1500 Site Visit within 15 days of the Readiness With a fortnight of the visit
3. Reevealuation visit 3 months before expiry of accreditation 50% of the Accreditation Fee applicable on that date Site Visit within 15 days of the Readiness With a week of the visit