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About IAA

International Accrediting Authority guarantees that the members are consistently evaluated against internationally recognized standards to show their fitness, unprejudiced nature, and execution ability against the specifications of International Standards.

We are a not-for-profit, non-governmental international accrediting agency for all programs in Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporates, and Training Institutions all over the globe. IAA accreditation gives confirmation that a School or a College program meets the quality guidelines of the calling for which that program gets students or graduates ready. We authorize projects and foundations. We do specialized accreditation for institutions already recognized by national or regional institutional accreditation agencies or national education agencies worldwide.

Why IAA and why accreditation?

Because such accreditation:

Demonstrates the competency and expertise in the field of operation vis- a- vis the international norms and standards.

Shows commitment to understanding professional, ethical, and societal responsibilities.

Emphasizes the benchmarking of institutions globally.

Global Presence

Our standards and processes are recognized worldwide for excellence. In addition to global accreditation, we maintain a large number of international partnerships that extend IAA's reach onto every continent. Our global network of experts is of the highest calibre trained to ensure a smooth accreditation. By serving as program coordinators, practising professionals from industry, academia, and government make an impact on the quality of education worldwide by sharing their expertise and our systems.